Thursday, October 16, 2008

Phlox & Flock

Phlox is a flower that Tadeusz, my father living in WaƂbrzych (Poland), showed me during my summer holidays in 2008. It's been flourishing in his magnificent garden then.
Later on, in autumn this same year, while chatting about plants with a gardener of Montsouris Park in Paris, I recognized the same flower that decorated her plantation parcel.
That helped me to label all the photos of that plant that I took recently.
While checking the flower through Google and Wikipedia I misspelled the word "Phlox" for "Flock" and thus I stumbled upon the latest breed of the Netscape Navigator: the "Flock".
I'm still using Netscape version 7.2 for fast web page editing while swapping between three languages that I use on everyday basis.
Flock navigator, being a very socializing browser, attracted me to the point that I opened Google's Blogger just to see how it works smoothly.
My first Blogger posting is the result of that satisfactory Flock test and the Flox was just an innocent starter.

Now when even the trees whisper about that financial nightmare ignited by the prolonged accumulation of the banker’s incompetence, the bare fact that there are nice Flox & Flock is a good piece of money.