Monday, January 26, 2009

And where you're gonna go …

Where do you go to, my Capitalism, when the crisis is all upon us ?
Isn’t it rather a question of deflecting our attention from the impostors that managed to infiltrate our venerable system ?

If, as William Philip Gramm puts it, capitalism is good because it gave us freedom and made us being rich, should we take his credo by its very nature ?

Where are the scapegoats then ? If any … are we ready to go for them ?

Goodbye Hank Paulson, goodbye Robert Edward Rubin and goodbye Goldman Sachs.
The myth is gone. Presumed the best once, considered withered and diminished now.
How come that unbeatable financial rocket science is buried six feet deep now ? At least for a certain time.

Will new impostors of a new science replace the departed ones ?

Honest people, raise your hands now, please. I can still see an ocean of hands that spread before my eyes.

Take them, Mr President.

I’m so relieved that the n-th United States Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Franz Geithner the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has got only one minor flaw. There is no Cinderella on the planet anymore.

But there are still exceptional people. Let them do the job.
Why not call back the ousted New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer whose fault was just to be a human.
Reject excellent people because some didn’t like them with not enough support for the mavericks.
Yes, Eliot Spitzer was not Bill Clinton. Both exceptional and yet treated so differently.

Let’s give the crooked man to the crocodiles. Our system will surely survive without them and even feel better.

We do not want to send the capitalism into the garbage bin. It is still capable to provide us with a golden horn plentiful of advantages. God save the System, go to hell the impostors.

Please Mr President, please Mr Secretary of the Treasury, lets rock now …

“And where you're gonna go and where you're gonna sleep tonight.” (Amy McDonald - This Is The Life )